Common Initiative Group of Agropastoral Activity SEMAKO

  On May 24, 2003 in Douala, in extraordinary general meeting, it is created between the undersigned and those who join later, a common initiative group governed by the provisions of Law No. 92/006 of 14 August 1992 and its implementing Decree No. 92/455/PM of November 23, 1992.
  The group took the name of : Common Initiative Group of Agropastoral Activity of SEMAKO, Cameroon as nickname: SEMAKO Agriculture abreviated CIG SAGRIC.

Purpose - Activities - Territory

1 - The purpose of the group is:
  • The improvement of socioeconomic conditions of its members by pooling their resources and skills.
  • The improvment of the quality of life of rural populations.
2 - The main focus on the creation of farms and grazing.

3 - Its secondary activities are:
  • Raising awareness of the techniques of agro-pastoral production
  • The transformation of agro products;
  • The regeneration of forests;
  • The fight against poaching;
  • The cultural activities in rural areas.
However, the group may engage in other activities that can contribute to achieve its objectives, on the decision of the General Assembly.

4 -The groupīs jurisdiction covers the entire Cameroon.

Duration and headquarters

  • The group is created for a period of 99 years unless extended or terminated before decided by the General Assembly.
  • The Groupīs headquarters is set in Douala, but can be transferred to any other place in the jurisdiction decision of the General Assembly.

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