Created under the proposed foundation GLOBAL HEALTH DIALOGUE, International Forum for Community Health in Africa (FISCA) wants a global network of autonomous actors whose activities are focused on the health of communities by local authorities (municipalities) communicating between them by means of ICTs among others.
   The FISCA aims to struggle the ongoing crisis in health in Africa by mobilizing local, national and international stakeholders to work towards strengthening local health systems for better health of all communities.

  • Inform and educate partners on sustainable health systems so that they identify the changes needed to improve the viability of local health system.
  • Attend local partners to determine the level of sustainability of their health systems so that operational plans and other management arrangements are in place to ensure a healthier community;
  • Collaborate with community groups/associations with the aim to establish sustainable health development with a focus on themes linking the development and health, improve healthcare in community health centers and hospitals by a contribution in medicines, equipment and expertise, and finally to ensure the effective collection of data and information, and report production activities and management.
  • Collaborate with municipalities, community health associations and health committees to promote an ongoing dialogue with developers and investors.
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